Do you know what class you’re entering?



  1. Production

Cars in this class must be a “Touring Car” as definite by MSA regulations. A passenger must be carried at all times. No MOT or Tax is required.

NOTE- If your are 17 & Below and do not hold a full RTA Licence this is the only class you may enter

  1. Road Legal

Cars in this Class must have current MOT & TAX

  1. RWD

Class for Rear Wheel drives cars popular choices include Mazda MX5 and kit cars. No MOT or Tax is required

  1. Special

Class for cars that don’t fit in other classes typically lightweight “cut-offs” such as minis. No MOT or Tax required

  1. Budget

A class designed with limited modifications full details in the Form/Regulation Section  No MOT or Tax required.