2023 Results

Final 2023 Points

January Autotest

1st Bryan Morrison 407.2

2nd Alan WAllace 485.8

DNF James Morrison


1st Andrew Little387.7

2nd Veronica Wallace 423.4

3rd Erin Wood 521.9

4th Amie Wallace 563.3

Autotest Feb Results

April Autotest Results

2023 KNC Groundworks Autotest Results

BFTP July Autotest

Sweethillock Autotest 2023

Seafield rally 2023 Results

2022 Results


63CC 2022 Points Summary

September Autotest Results – 63CC September Autotest Results

August Park Autotest – Park AT 2022

July Thainstone Autotest – BFTP AT 2022

KNC Autotest – KNC AT 2022

March Autotest – March AT 2022

23rd January – January Autotest – Results

March Hare Navigational Rally Results;
1st overall: John Harrington & Stuart Harrington (1 penalty)
2nd Expert: Andy Tong & Duncan Cameron (2 penalties)
3rd Expert: Andrew Little & Michael Hendry (3 penalties)
4th Expert: James Morrison & Alan Gordon (5 penalties)
5th Expert: Mark Forsyth & Derek Forsyth (36 penalties)
6th Expert: Alan Radin & Graham Watson (40 penalties)
7th Expert: Gary Ross & Alan Ross (121 penalties)

1st Novice: Kyle Cartmell & Kay Proctor (0 penalties)
2nd Novice: Neil Jones & Paul Soppit (2 penalties)
3rd Novice: Cameron Stout & Louise Cook (15 penalties)
4th Novice: Chelsea Riddoch & Graeme Harris (75 penalties)

2021 Results

2021 Championship Results – 63CC Points 21 – UPDATED

16th May – KNC Groundworks Autotest – Results

20th June – Boyndie Autotest –Boyndie Results

17th July Thistle Rally – results

2020 Results

2020 Championship Results – 63 Car Club 2020 Points

5th January – Level Farm Autotest Results

16th February – Dallachy Autotest Results

29th February – Thistle Navigational Rally Results

6th September – Autotest – Results

11th October – Sweethillock Autotest – Results


24th October –  Autotest – Results

24th October – Autosolo – Results

6th December – Autotest – Results

2019 Results

2019 Points  63CC Club Championship 19 dec

Award Winners

6th January Autotest Results 
17th February Autotest Results
23rd February Thistle
31st March Autotest Results
20th April Speyside
11th May March Hare

30th June – KNC Groundworks Autotest – Results

20th July – Blast From The Past Autotest – Results

24th August – Nomad Rally (HCC Autumn Rally) – Results

2nd September – Autotest – Results

20th October –  Sweethillock Autotest – Results

1st December – December Autotest – Results

2018 Results

Championship Points 2018 63 Car Club Points


January Autotest Level Farm Results

February Autotest Dallachy Results

March Autotest Dallachy Results

Strathbogie Autotest Results

Blast from the Past Autotest at Thainstone Results

September Autotest

Autocross Autocross Results Sheet (1)

October Autotest October Autotest

December Autotest December 18 Autotest Results Sheet

Navigational Rallies

Thistle Rally 24/2/18 – 2018 Thistle Rally Results

Seafield Rally Results

2017 Results


Copy of 2017 63cc points with drops scores


January and February Autotests

March Autotest 2017

May Autotest

Strathbogie Autotest Results

August Autotest Results

September AT Results

November Autotest Results

Navigational Rally Results

Thistle Rally Results

March Hare Navigational Rally Results

Autumn Road Navigation Rally 2017. Final Results

Seafield Results Complete

Bob Miller Memorial Rally 2017