North East of Scotland Motorsport Club

The North East of Scotland Motorsport Club was formed in 2017 and is a Car Club made up of 6 clubs. The club will promote grass root level motorsport in the area

North East of Scotland Motorsport Club 2019 Calendar

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Provisonal 2019 Points Tables after 5 rounds NESMC 2019 Rd5 Prov

Junior PCA Winter Series PCA junior 2019

2018 Award Winners NESMC Results 18 Overview with award winners

Sunday 17th February Autotest 63CC Regulations Results
Saturday 9th March Gropers Rally SDMC Regulations

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Saturday 23rd March Moonless Rally Saltire Regulations

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Sunday 14th April Autotest 750MC 750 REGS 2019-04-14

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Saturday 11th May March Hare Rally 63CC March Hare Regs 2019

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Sunday 16th June Autotest SDMC Regulations Results
Sunday 7st July Autotest HCC Regulations Results
Saturday 20th July Autotest 63CC Regulations Results
Saturday 24th August Autumn Rally HCC Regulations Results
Sunday 1st September Autotest 63CC Regulations Results
Sunday 6th October Autotest 750MC Regulations Results
Saturday 26th October Seafield Rally 63CC Regulations Results
Sunday 3rd November Autotest SDMC Regulations Results
Saturday 16th November Hairst Rally SDMC Regulations Results
Saturday 7th December Bontree Birl Rally 750MC Regulations Results