Production Car Autotest Class 1 Car Regulation

Cars must comply with Section J and section M of Motorsport UK Yearbook

Additional Regulations

– Must be a Mass Production Car

– No Hydro or fly off Handbrake – If car has a hydraulic Handbrake it must be suitably disabled so that cannot be used (Handle removed/Cylinder Pin Removed and not used at any point during event)

– All seats, interior, Glass & bodywork must be retained in standard place and material. Bucket seat/Harness maybe fitted.

Interior means all trim panels, carpets, dashboard

– Exhaust, ECU, induction kit are free but must meet noise test 100db @0.5m 88db @2m

– Tyres . Tyres from Lists 1b or 1c are not permitted Tyres ( Tyres must be of same size on both axles

-steering and suspension is free

– Convertibles must be used with roof up/hard top in place

– Cars don’t need MOT/TAX


63 Car Club reserve the right to adapt regulations between events but no changes will take place between entry closing and event taking place. All point scorers will be informed of any changes